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#sherlcocked Sherlock Holmes BBC

Don't we look lovely? Look, Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, and Andrew Scott are in there too! It's like we're so CLOSE! :D

LAUGHING AT THE MENTAL PICTURE .... -wait Benedict has Heely's? <<< I didn't know either XD

Tooth ships Jack and Elsa just like the trolls ship Kristoff and Anna.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch haha pretty much

It's a swimmer thing...

I hate things like this... it gives me so much false hope. -_- <---- And now everyone else who sees this can also have false hope! You're welcome!!! <--- repinning for THAT comment!! haha

I love this GIF

Tom Hiddleston reading to his Thor bear!

Tom Hiddleston. May I recommend The Hollow Crown? It's like the 'good parts' version of Henry IV, Henry V, and Richard II. Also, Richard II is played by Ben Whishaw, who you may recognize as Q from the Bond movie, Skyfall.

"May I join you?" -- hot guy, good style, nice coffee shop. All things I want.

Jeremy Renner demonstrates the face all Hiddlestoners make when looking at Tom's perfection :)

Tom Hiddleston Hello Darling: If I could change just one thing in this world, I'd change your last name.

♥ gif

Tyler Hoechlin can never have enough Tyler Hoechlin..... Can I PLEASE have one?!? haha ♥


Tom Hiddleston in a tardis suit, your argument is invalid

"I'm not even going to question this picture."

Tom Hiddleston Wants You To Color Him Good #refinery29

Ahhh!! Totally winked at me!!!! Lots of love to you too!!


Alright, darling.

men on motorcycles.....always get the girls. -ain't that the truth