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I AM AN AQUARIUS AND I LEGIT CALL EVERYTHING SMALLER THAN ME (including children, pets, short fictional characters, etc.) SMALL ONE AND I JUST-

so, this is another Avatar oc of mine, that I had in mind for a while now. I figured I don’t have a non-bender, so here she is. I am thinking of Shila as her name, but I am not sure yet.. She’s sort of a non-bending badass rebel from the Earth Kingdom, haha. Not the leader, but pretty important one… I guess she kicks some rich butts on the streets of the city and protect innocent like Robin Hood or something like that XD Though I guess she’s not that good and wouldn

e621 beverage black_and_white bovine buffalo chief_bogo clothing coffee comic computer darkgargo_(artist) denial dialogue disney driving ears_down english_text female food handcuffs judy_hopps love male mammal monochrome nick_wilde open_mouth reptile scalie shackles sign simple_background smile speech_bubble text turtle white_background zootopia

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Community Post: Which "Divergent" Faction Do You Belong In Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

I got Erudite! A Virgo would be born into Erudite and never leave. They are methodical, analytical people with an eye for detail. Their excessive nature would play into the hands of the Erudite, whose thirst for knowledge knows no ends. | Which "Divergent" Faction Do You Belong In Based On Your Zodiac Sign? // From the "meanie" fraction, but especially the "eye for detail" and thirst for knowledge are so spot on that I cannot deny it.

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What Type of Tree Best Describes Your Real Personality?

What Type of Tree Best Describes Your Real Personality? | Weeping Willow. Solemn and flowing, you are the Weeping Willow. Unique and beautiful, you rarely consider yourself these two things. Doubt and uncertainty seem to cloud your otherwise sharp mind. Others see in you what you cannot, which tends to strengthen your bond with family and close friends. You are quiet, reserved, and intelligent.

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The IT Crowd Inspired Art Print, Being Weird Quote, Various Sizes

Arisa (manga, 12 volumes) ~ A story about twins; when one attempts to commit suicide and fails, ending up in a coma, her delinquent twin must figure out what's really going on.