Hellerr??? Gotta love Madea! I have every single tyler perry movie

Funny quotes from madea | Whats the funniest Madea movie ? I want to get it .

HAHA this is bad but it made me laugh

So true. Also mom does this @rachellorraine

Funny quotes from madea | Madea Quotes/ Funny Pics / hahaha, Madea!! | We Heart It

Madea - my hero

To be clear, sometimes Meesh sends me things that weird her out. This is one of those things.

Lol! Cracked me up! A friend of mine on Facebook who is all about fitness posted this and I just had to share it with you all! #weilos


Inner black woman...

I So Love Madea!!! Wisdom right there. Its gonna be a shame when Tyler lets someone else play Madea as I heard he is doing.....there is only one Madea and Tyler its you...don't let your fans down...let the other be Madea's sister cousin anything but MADEA!!!

Love Madea!

This is so true, she has gotten into trouble with the Po Po ever since she was in her teenage years


Madea quotes




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LMBO :)))) I LOVE MADEA #GoodLaughs #5mgOfDontChokeThatHoe

Just keep pinning! @BethanyHeintzman