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Τι είναι ο Ωροσκόπος; Ο Ωροσκόπος είναι το ζώδιο που ανατέλλει την ώρα της γεννήσεως μας. Συνήθως είναι κληρονομικός και συμβολίζει το εσωτερικό μας εαυτό την ψυχή την αίσθηση το πνεύμα την έκφραση και το ατομικό μας εγώ. Είναι η...
  • Brandy Chandler

    zodiac constellations

  • Pink West

    The Zodiac. The constellations have been called humanity's oldest picture book. For 5,000 and more years, people have looked into a clear night sky and seen the same stars we see today. They isolated groups of stars and connected them to each other with imaginary lines, much as we play connect-the-dots.people had an excellent knowledge of the night sky. They were able to tell when to plant and when to harvest, and later they navigated the seas with the stars' help.

  • Lauren Xochitl

    The twelve zodiac signs and their corresponding days of the year correlated perfectly back in 800-1000 B.C. when the zodiac system was devised in Babylon. Since that time, things have shifted back one complete sign. While there exists sidereal astrology that takes this into account, the more common tropical astrology uses the same system from 800 B.C. on the grounds that it’s not about the stars in the sky, but the position of earth in its orbit around the sun, i.e. the season of the year

  • Pt. Lokesh Jagirdar

    There are many astrologers that offer free astrological predictions which are accurate. Fundamental information on every zodiac sign is presented in the online site. It is very Simple to get personal zodiac horoscope prediction online by entering the birth details at The specific column present in the site. Zodiac horoscope predictions are probable to obtain On weekly basis, monthly basis or on yearly basis.

  • Mona Evans

    The Zodiac. It's made up of twelve traditional constellations though which the Sun seems to pass during the year. The word zodiac comes from a Greek word meaning “circle of animals,” because most of the constellations represent animals. Mona Evans, "Ecliptic and Equinoxes"

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