you just don’t dunk, you dunk-a-roo!

50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood: Every single thing on this list...sorry for my lack of coherency, I just came back from a quick trip to the 90s.

these were good #90s

Doodle Bear #1990s #90s

35 Things that you will never see again in your life. 80s and 90s babies must check these out. Memories!

Easy Bake oven.. I wanted one so bad. #90s


All the 80's junk food goodness!!

face #90s

Loved these guys

Entering the busy world of Mr. Scarry: | 50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

Jelly sandals. #90s

90s kids

I loved this stuff!!

I LOVED this show!

best gum!

OMG !This was my favorite snack. I wish they were still made.

have always loved these

Quints! These were the best! Of course 5 babies would always want to eat at the same time so it's reasonable to have the bottles hooked together! (54 other totally awesome toys for girls in the 90s)