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    Stages of Sleepiness

    • Heather Fowler

      The stages of sleepiness, and they're SO TRUE. I laughed my head off at this. For an unhealthy amount of time.

    • Katie Gill

      Stages of Sleepiness ... my life when Justin is gone! [Just add "laughs at unnecessary things on pinterest until the wee hours of the morning" & you've got me pegged]

    • Lauren Schaadt

      stages of sleepiness! Nick knows about the extremely hyper part. He knows I'm exhausted when I start laughing a lot or doing/saying crazy things.

    • Hayley Hall

      Stages of Sleepiness (Tired) Right after the show (Slightly Sleepy) Walking around the school (Extremely Hyper) Awards (Super Sleepy) Cleaning Homeroom (Cranky) Bus ride home (Knockout) Home arrival

    • McKenna Yancer

      Tired = everyday of my high school life Slightly sleepy = during school Extremely hyper = at sleepovers Super sleepy = after procrastinating really late Cranky = early in the morning Knock out = when watching a movie in class <------- So true lol

    • Joia Hervey

      Every night I just randomly get extremely hyper then I fall asleep out of nowhere... Crazy stuff

    • Bean H

      Omg this is so true! My stages are tired, slightly sleepy, extremely hyper, then knock out.

    • Amanda Bartholomew

      Stages of Sleep. I'm am all of these things, except extremely hyper falls after cranky.

    • Luz Hernandez

      funny stuff

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