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keep calm and love the LIFE you live  http://anxietysocialnet.com/anxiety-blog/item/778-your-anxiety-does-not-define-you

Keep Calm and Love the Life you Live with the one you Love. It takes two to share and enjoy Love and Life in order to Live Happily Together :-) :-) I approve this Pin because its true. Love Life and Live Happily Together and be Blessed.

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Texas has two seasons: Summer & Winter. Usually they alternate days within the same week! Oh how true it is!

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When I go live there, this will pretty much be our life, with added teaching and him gigging places with his rockabilly band. Do you get that readers? My LIFE! He's shared the Texan way with me and there's no going back to UK living now 😂

Wait, I thought that's how everyone pronounces it.

Ok it isn't really Nardy but I don't have a board for Texan. LOL I was raised by a Texan. Of COURSE it's puh-con, because who wants to eat a PEE can?