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Photo recreation done right…BAHAHA That is hilarious! jt

Phil is me when Im driving-Oh, look at that little dog! What do you mean slow down, we have to go the speed limit? Im not gonna hit the dog, its not even in the street-OH MY GOD ITS IN THE STREET ITS IN FRONT OF MY CAR ITS LOOKING AT ME OH MY GOD IM GONNA HIT IT IM GONNA HIT IT IM GONNA-its cool, guys. It got out of the way.

Modern Family: "You know who had two straight parents?" "Adolf Hitler"


Haley's 21st Birthday

I went on a Europe tour when I was younger, First day in Paris we saw some advertisement or other on a bus stop or something, with a Completely naked chick modeling. The boys Loved it lmfao

Ed ONeil has been reading the same newspaper for 20 years - on Married with Children and Modern Family. Wow. Check out some more awesome stuff here

modern family funnies | Best Modern Family scene ever…

Sometimes when I watch Phil on Modern Family, I think I'm getting a glimpse of my future self.