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I have always wanted to go to a masquerade!! This is definitely in my bucket list! And with my best friend

A must for anyone's bucket list...

Bucket List Pictures : theBERRY

So sad this didn't happen while we were there....oh well I'll plan my next Ireland trip around it :)

I've always wanted to hold one of these little guys-- especially one that was wearing a diaper! lol

someday this WILL come true ♥ too many lives have been taken away from cancer. Love you grandpa ♥

bucket list- go to a hawaiian luau. Going to one of these! So close yet soooooooo far...

[ ] An indication of fearlessness would not be the lack of fear, but being able to be confident and outspoken.

Bucket List except the first one:/ haha cant even draw stick figures!!

yes. Bucketlist definitely Completed 4/4/13: Best birthday Ever;) Also finished the most rewarding 28 random acts of kindness which kind of Hirt my bank!