Spray paint a dollar store twig wreath black

Love the idea of painting a tree branch black & wrapping in orange lights for Halloween

Looking glass spray can transform pumpkins into these gorgeous centerpieces! Use a white spray first to get the best effect. Try this with dollar store pumpkins. Krylon K09033000 Looking Glass Mirror-Like Aerosol Spray Paint, 6-Ounce.

Easy version of this expensive one....collect downed branches from yard, place in dollar store metal buckets (plaster of paris), spray paint Branches and buckets black, wrap branches with orange lights.

Halloween wreath!

Dollar Store Halloween Front Porch Decor

DIY drip glasses for Halloween - Could totally do with dollar store glasses

Easter and Spring Crafts

A Pottery Barn Halloween Look at Dollar Store Prices Cake Stand -- If you're willing to use a little glue, you can create the same idea using plastic trays and goblets from -- you got it -- the dollar store. I even found glittery skulls! If you don’t like the idea of the goblets, grab a couple of glass candlesticks and use those instead. Just make sure everything is balanced as you start to glue. Horchow Price: $98 Dollar Store Price: $6 ($1 each for 3 trays, 2 goblets, and 1 glittery sk...

Creepy and inexpensive Halloween DIY decor. Get old dolls from the thrift store and spray paint them white - surround with cheese cloth shrouds.

Spray paint red roses and add an eyeball from the craft store for Living Dead Flower Bouquet.

DIY Medusa Headband. Buy cheap plastic snakes at the dollar store (a few dozen in a pack), wire, a double banded headband, and a can of silver or gold spray paint. Wire the snakes onto the headband and then spray paint the whole thing.

Wreath Craft Ideas - Make a Halloween wreath! Use a Christmas wreath, spray painted black!

Dollar Store Halloween Decor: Tablescape. Decorate a spooky table with jars, vases, and items from the dollar store.

Halloween candle. Spooky magic candle. Black magic. Halloween crafts. Halloween DIY decor.

Halloween wreath tutorial - with styrofoam, black feather, gauze, and skulls.

We love this Spooky Eyes Halloween Wreath tutorial from favecrafts.com! Get the black boa for this project here, http://www.craftsfeathersfloral.com/home/cff/page_7055_1129/chandelle_boa_black.html