Spray paint a dollar store twig wreath black

Love the idea of painting a tree branch black & wrapping in orange lights for Halloween

Looking glass spray can transform pumpkins into these gorgeous centerpieces! Use a white spray first to get the best effect. Try this with dollar store pumpkins. Krylon K09033000 Looking Glass Mirror-Like Aerosol Spray Paint, 6-Ounce.

Easy version of this expensive one....collect downed branches from yard, place in dollar store metal buckets (plaster of paris), spray paint Branches and buckets black, wrap branches with orange lights.

DIY drip glasses for Halloween - Could totally do with dollar store glasses

Easter and Spring Crafts

Halloween wreath!

Creepy Collections shadow Boxes With Dollar Store Items. Tutorial

Dollar Store Halloween Decor: Tablescape. Decorate a spooky table with jars, vases, and items from the dollar store.

Spray paint a old Christmas wreath and add Halloween decorations.

Creepy and inexpensive Halloween DIY decor. Get old dolls from the thrift store and spray paint them white - surround with cheese cloth shrouds.

Halloween Dollar Store Project! Touch Light with base painted black and black marker used to add face. Spooky!

cover with round stickers, spray black, then peel...sooo cute!

Could easily do this with dollar store signs and accessories


Great Spooky Wreath~ Spray paint a grapevine wreath black, add letters and spider webs

made from hardware store foam.

glaring wreath.. glue a black feather boa (or other feathery trim) on a 12-inch, half-round foam wreath, securing with crafts pins if needed. Lay a bath towel over the wreath to gently press the feathers into the glue as it dries. For the eyes, paint black pupils on white crafts-foam balls. Make several pairs of eyes by sticking wire through two balls and twisting it together. Attach the sets of eyes by wrapping the wire around the wreath.

Love the black/orange clock Twenty Halloween Mantel {and more} Decorating Ideas!