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The Hollywood Anti-Nazi League for the Defense of American Democracy sponsored an educational committee which produced this booklet, circa 1937. The cover features a grim and powerful illustration of an individual being crucified on a swastika. This is superimposed over a map of Germany, including symbols denoting concentration-camp locations. Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles Collection. In Our Own Backyard: Resisting Nazi Propaganda in Southern California, 1933-1945.

Grind these Heels in our Wheels of U.S. Production poster, Designer Unknown, US Office of War Information, Washington, DC (Publisher), circa 1942 to 1945.

Nazi propaganda poster for the German Red Cross (Deutche Rote Kreuz)

Nazi poster, 1936: All Germany can hear the Führer with the peoples’ radio

Nazi propaganda poster, "[The] city and [the] land, hand in hand" - encouraging everyone to work together in the "Volksgemeinschaft"