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    Front page of the Daily Sundial, "The Rising Cost of Education" September 21, 1971. This front page of the Daily Sundial, reflects the growing concern among the student body regarding "The Rising Cost of Education." Pictured are caricatures of political leaders and campus administrators. A student appears to be being crushed under the weight of bureaucrats and education costs, while Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and President Cleary look on. CSUN University Digital Archives.

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Ronald Reagan at his ranch in Northridge California C. 1948.

"A Voluptuary Under The Horrors of Digestion." The Regent himself. Unlike Donald Trump he must have had a idea of his own public image, since this caricature was probably part of his massive collection.

"Exaltation of Faro's Daughters"', James Gillray Lady Archer and Mrs. Hobart.

The four murdered students at the The Kent State Massacre were Allison Krause, William Schroeder, Jeffrey Miller and Sandra Scheuer.

"Indecency", a caricature by Isaac Cruikshank. Published in London by S.W. Fores, 1799.

How Shakespeare's characters die -- fun graphic for high schoolers.

James Gillray, A Bravura Air, caricature of Elizabeth Billington, 1801. TM Collection

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