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Homemade Hair Color Dye Recipes: How to color your hair naturally at home with herbs

Exfoliating Oily skin Facial Cleanser Recipe Ingredients: 1 tsp powdered skim milk 1 tsp honey few drops of apple vinegar Instructions: Mix ingredients in a bowl.

10 HR Trends (by the HR Trend Institute, http://hrtrendinstitute.com)

Each year the HR Trend Institute published a list of the expected HR Trends that will have an impact on HR in the coming year.

Good idea for salon decor

Frame older style/salon pics (not as modern); could create a gallery wall as an idea

Upcoming Design Trends In 2015 – Is This The Future? #infographic

Upcoming Design Trends In 2015 – Is This The Future?

How to find 8 Design Trends - 2015 Design is always changing and evolving. This infographic from Coastal Creative shows us what design trends will carry over from 2014 and what trends will be brand new in

New article (Common Golfing Injuries) has been shared: Common Golfing Injuries - http://ultimate-putting.com/common-golfing-injuries/

We've been sharing some significant trends - discover the most recent in our series: Golf Putting - Learn How To Play Golf The Right And Easy Way

SOCIAL MEDIA - "SocialMedia Marketing Trends For 2015 - #infographic. https://www.upwork.com/users/~010e1960ed8ee6c431"

2015: #SocialMedia Marketing Trends You Cannot Miss - #infographic

As if you need another reason to get your business online! SOCIAL MEDIA - "SocialMedia Marketing Trends For 2015 -