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1994 Northridge

Northridge Earthquake 1994

Northridge Csun

Survived Northridge

Extensive Damage

Cal State

Monday January

University Archives

17 1994

A front view of the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) dormitories, following the Northridge earthquake, which occurred at 4:31 AM on Monday January 17, 1994, causing extensive damage. CSUN University Archives.

1995 President

President Clinton

Clinton N'Jie

Clinton Spoke

Facts History

La History

Modern History

Northridge Quake

Northridge Earthquake

President Bill Clinton speaks at CSUN on the first anniversary of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, January 15, 1995. Commemorating the one-year anniversary of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, President Bill Clinton spoke at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) on January 17, 1995. Behind him is a photograph of a parking structure that partially collapsed as a result of the quake. University Archives Photograph Collection.

February 1971

1994 Jan

Jan 17

Earthquake 1971

Earthquake Country

1994 Northridge

Northridge California

Designated South

Sundial Campus

Front page of the Daily Sundial, campus newspaper of San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN), immediately following the Sylmar Earthquake in February 1971. The front page image is that of thousands of books littering the floor of the old Library. Designated South Library after the completion of the Delmar T. Oviatt Library in 1973, it was demolished following the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. CSUN University Digital Archives .

Northridge Campus

California State University Northridge

Csun University

San Fernando Valley

University Archives

Amazing Stuff



Aerial View

Aerial View of California State University, Northridge Campus, ca. 1973 :: CSUN University Archives

1994 Northridge

Northridge California

Survived Northridge

Huge Disaster

Disaster Natural

Calamity Disaster

Natural Disasters Photography

Natural Calamity

Earthquake Caused

Northridge Earthquake, 1994

1956 Csun

Csun Campus

California State University Northridge

Csun University

Valley State

San Fernando Valley

Valley History

State College

Digital Collections

Construction of first building on the San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN) campus, 1956. CSUN University Archives.

Earthquake Brings

Earthquake 1994

17 January

Jan 17

1994 Jan


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Northridge Earthquake in 1994

Earthquake Freeway

Earthquake Strikes

Earthquake Damage

Earthquake California

Magnitude Earthquake

Earthquake Photo

5 Magnitude

Geology Earthquake

California January

January 17, 1994, the big Northridge,California Earthquake. Caused alot of devastation and damage. Memories of that day,

Mater X2

Alma Mater

School Salary

Graduate School

School California

Southern California

Duhh Bruh

Csun School

Angeles Iii

Oviatt Library, California State University, Northridge - 2009

Student John

Art Student

Csun Art

1975 California

Image Banks

Zelzah Avenue

Metal Support

Nordhoff Street

John Banks

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) art student John Banks was the winner of a contest to design the new university sign, located on the corner of Nordhoff Street and Zelzah Avenue. In this image, Banks hangs from the metal support for the "C" in his "CSUN" spaghetti-letters sculpture. Alumni Collections.

Northridge Quake Jan

Survived Northridge

Northridge Earthquake

Standard Fun

Pacific Standard

School Parking

Parking Garage

Csun School

Stunning Disaster

CSUN My school parking garage 1994 Northridge quake

California Disaster

California 1994

California Earthquake

States California

Southern California

Angeles California

California Dreaming

California Native

Vintage California

Northridge Earthquake

Pizzarev Northridge

Survived Northridge

Northridge California

Diverse University

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Csun California

School California

CSUN California State University, Northridge. A beautiful campus that has orange trees! This was the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Beautiful buildings including the great new Valley Performing Arts Center.

1985 Students

Students Stage

Northridge Department

25 1985

System California

Apartheid System

Foundation Funds

Daily Sundial

California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial, April 25, 1985. Students stage a sleep-in urging the divestment of CSUN Foundation funds from South Africa in protest of the apartheid system. California State University, Northridge, Department of Journalism. CSUN University Digital Archives.

Girl California

California Shakes

California Issues

Canyon California

Northern California

Northridge California

Northridge Quake

Earthquake January

Events Prophecy

I-5 Damage at Gavin Canyon, California after the Northridge earthquake of January 17, 1994. Thank goodness this sort of event almost never happens.

Csun Northridge

State Northridge

University Northridge

State University

Earthquake Laist

Earthquake 818

Collapsed Parking

L A Cali

Earth Trembled

The collapsed parking structure at CSUN. Northridge Earthquake: LAist

Student Frank

Newspaper Produced

Frank Del

Latino Community

Csun University

Ventura History

Student Newspaper

Valley Foothills


"El Popo" is the student newspaper produced by M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán) of San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN). The paper was launched by then-student Frank del Olmo, later a well-known Los Angeles journalist and voice for the Latino community. This is the front page of the first issue. CSUN University Archives.

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Cal State Northridge

California State University Northridge

Cal State Northridge

Reseda California

Northridge California

Girl California

Angeles California

Southern California

Northridge Earthquake 1994

Northridge Quake Jan

1994 Jan

Jan 17

The Northridge earthquake was an earthquake that occurred on January 17, 1994 in Reseda, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, l

California Northridge

Northridge Quake Jan

Survived Northridge

Northridge Earthquake

Earthquakes Matthew

24 7 8 Earthquakes

California Earthquakes

Shakin California

California Girl

California Earthquakes 2 / 1994 Northridge

Worthy Knowledge

Sundial Campus

29 1961

Campus Newspaper

Game September

Csun University


Valley Foothills

News Worthy

Cartoon from the Sundial, campus newspaper at San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN). "CCAA - Good Luck Matadors In Your First Game!!" September 29, 1961. CSUN University Archives.