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  • Richard Libott

    Remains of houses that caught on fire during a shootout between the domestic terrorist organization, Symbionese Liberation Army, and the Los Angeles Police Department in Los Angeles on May 17, 1974.

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Los Angeles Police Department rifle team, 1890

A Los Angeles Police Department officer in the late 19th century. His badge (No. 15) is a"Series One," issued between 1876 and 1890, and are highly valued collector's items. The photo was taken at the Treslar Photographic Art Studio, once located at 213 1/2 N. Spring Street. Bizarre Los Angeles.

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noirish Los Angeles - Lena Trontey shows how she looked through a window of her apartment and saw a man "put on the spot" by gunmen. The photo-diagram shows the scene of the shooting as viewed from Miss Trontey's window and what she saw, according to her story, included the gunmen taking their victim with them. This crime took place outside Theodore Kotzin, located on East Pico. Photo dated: August 11, 1930.