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Ludmilla Luvdorski at work, Tientsin,China, 1946. Luvdorski was a Russian secretary who worked in the Civil Affairs Office, typing memorandums that magically got things done such as automobiles returned from Japanese military to civilian owners, schools opened, and the repatriation of refugees. Harold Giedt Photographs. Faces of Tientsin.

A young boy being evacuated from Tientsin, checks out the river on the Landing Ship Medium, as the ship proceeds down the Hai He River to Tangku in Tientsin, March 1946. Harold Giedt Collection. Old China Hands Archives.

Local European and Chinese residents bidding farewell to repatriates on LSM (Landing Ship Medium) at Hai He dock in Tientsin, March 1946. Harold Giedt Collection. Old China Hands Digital Archive.

Lt. Harold and Ensign Jerry Walsh of G5 (Civil Affairs), III Amphibious Corps, seated in a Jeep in front of the former German Consulate that served as Bachelor Officers' Quarters, Tientsin, Winter 1946. Amphibious refers to the fact that the Corps could operate on both land and water. Harold Giedt Collection. Old China Hands Archive.

Farmer irrigating field with counter-balanced water lifting device (water scoop) in the countryside near Tientsin, spring 1946. Harold Giedt Photographs. Old China Hands Archives.

Little girl selecting candy from street vendor and crowd of children's and adult watching on Tientsin Street, China, Spring 1946. Harold Giedt Collection. Old China Hands Archive.

The Millionaires Club of Happiness and Contentment's philosophy, signed by Mildred W. Brigham, circa 1915-1921.The club consisted of a local group of men who met in front of the Tujunga Post Office to visit and discuss local issues. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Printed image of a bird in hand with the words "Friendship and Love," found in the diary of James F. Dargan, circa 1862-1863. Dargan served as a Union solder in the US Civil War, and kept a diary which includes descriptions of his enlistment, camp life, gossip about fellow soldiers, and military discipline. Scattered throughout the diary are lines of verse, original sketches, clippings, pressed flowers, ribbons, cards, and other ephemera. Civil War Narratives Digital Collections.

Tropico Post Office circa 1910. The building was owned by W. C. B. Richardson and was located at the corner of Central and San Fernando. Glendale Central Public Library. San fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Cover of a program from the Chatsworth Methodist Church's "Pioneer Jubilee" March 9, 1958 celebrations. The church's appointment of the first pastor was 1888. The Jubilee celebration marked the church's 70th year in existence. The church building that held the celebration was built in 1903 and was located at 10051 Topanga Canyon Boulevard. Chatsworth United Methodist Church. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Elect Dr. Julian Nava handout. In 1966 a coalition was formed with its goal the election of the first Mexican-American to the Los Angeles Board of Education. This handbill from the 1967 election gives Nava's platform as well as the names of those individuals and organizations that supported him. Julian Nava Collection. Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives.

Program for the San Fernando Junior Cosmos Seventh Annual Fashion Show at Glen-Aire Country Club in Sherman Oaks, October 23, 1954. The event was a benefit to raise funds to redecorate the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) House in San Fernando. The show featured fashions from Lucille's 'Round the Clock shop in San Fernando and Judan Originals in Inglewood. San Fernando Women's Club Collection. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

This theater program from 1976 features a sketch of Jon Voight by noted portrait artist Don Bachardy on the cover. Mr. Voight played Hamlet in the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) production. The introduction of those from professional theater into departmental productions was an innovative attempt to provide the students of CSUN's Theater Department with instruction beyond that which can be provided in a classroom. CSUN University Digital Archives.

Letter from Cesar Chavez to Julian Nava, May 11, 1971. Nava and Chavez worked together throughout their careers. In 1967, Chavez, then president of the National Farm Workers Association (later the United Farm Workers), assisted Nava in his candidacy for the Los Angeles Board of Education. In this letter, Chavez thanks Nava for writing a letter to Congressman Barry Morris Goldwater, Jr., the son of Senator Barry Goldwater. Julian Nava Collection. Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives.

Weighing Our State's Water Development on the Scale of Common Sense, ca. 1958. Graphic repesentation of water waste and state budget allocations vs. water need for Southern California. Feather River Project Association Collection. Water Works - Documenting Water History in Los Angeles.