O' Heart of Mine, composed by Tod B. Galloway, 1905. Galloway was educated at Amherst College and became a lawyer, then probate judge, and subsequently the secretary to the governor of Ohio. During World War I, he was a YMCA entertainer in France. C. C. Easley Microfilm Collection. International Guitar Research Archive.

A letter to Judge Julian Beck from the staff of Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown thanking him for his gift of turkeys, hams, scotch and bourbon on Thanksgiving, dated November 30, 1959. Judge Julian Beck Collection.

"Alert: A weekly confidential report on communism and how to combat it" produced by Jacoby & Gibbons and Associates, Anti-Subversive Public Relations Specialists in Los Angles, dated October 12, 1950. This issue specifically targets Assemblyman Julian Beck. Judge Julian Beck Collection. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Reply from guitar maker, V. Tatay regarding inquiries made by Zarvah Publishing Co. circa March, 1932 for stock and pricing for guitar cases, strings and Italian style mandolins. Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Collection.

Handwritten letter from Philip J. Bone to the American Guitar Society regarding a publication they worked on together; he is requesting her "opinions, suggestions etc." on various aspects of the publication, February 2, 1953. Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Collection .

Stamps from a World War II-era ration booklet issued to Vincent J. Graziano of North Hollywood, circa early 1940s. The stamps were traded for such scarce commodities as sugar, butter, coffee and beef steak. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

ca. 1909

Poster from Culture Clash's "The Mission" at the Los Angeles Theater Center. Ric Salinas Culture Clash Collection.

On September 26, 1940, a bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to prohibit Communists and members of the German-American Bund and other organizations from working on national-defense contracts. Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles Collection.

Galloway Family Crest of Scotland


An elegantly dressed upper-class woman walking with her two sons along Cromwell Road. | 13 Photos Of London Street Style From 1905-1908

GOOD READ: Discovering Dark Age Galloway from "The Galloway Picts Project" - I have lots of ancestry from this part of Scotland! (pin: Ruthwell Cross)

c. 1905

Galloway red district

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Beautiful young woman in White ~ Photographs collection at Duke University Libraries.

1905 Edwardian Look

Joseph Galloway (1731 – 10 August 1803) was an American politician. Galloway became a Loyalist during the American War of Independence, after serving as delegate to the First Continental Congress from Pennsylvania. Once Britain's Parliament granted American independence as part of the Peace of Paris (1783) many Loyalists went into forced exile and Galloway permanently settled in Britain.

Women's suffrage poster from 1909

Joe Galloway, War Photographer, portrayed in the movie, "We were Soldiers Once...picture taken in Vietnam during the 60's

Suffragette, Britain 1900s. Women of Britain & the democratic world, never waste your right to vote. These women fought, died and starved for a right we now take for granted. It doesn't matter who you vote for, vote because you can. It's a right still denied to millions of women around the world.