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William Nicholson

Landers Historical

Commerce Ave

Society San

History Digital

Digital Library

Wood Carvings

San Fernando Valley

Private Residence

Display of wood carvings made by William Nicholson of Tujunga. Nicholson carved while sitting on the porch of his store, Nicholson and Nicholson Groceries, at 10227 Commerce Ave. (now a private residence) from 1917 to 1948. He often won prizes for his carvings. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Fernando California

In California

1877 San

6 1864

Anna Mary

Scotland Mine

87 Years

Linton Dispora

Scene Board

Anna Mary Forrester was the daughter of Peter Forrester, a native of Scotland. She arrived in California about 1852 and married Benigno Pico at Misión San Luís Obispoon January 6, 1864. Anna was 87-years-old when she died at her home at 451 Mission Street, San Fernando, California, where she had resided since 1877. San Fernando Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Los Angeles Iii

Lost Angeles

Motorcycles Circa

Calabasas Circa

Calabasas Historical

1918 San

Sfv Valley

Society San

Abt 1918

Samuel Marx Cooper, on left with Stan or Percy Masson in Calabasas on their motorcycles, circa 1918. Calabasas Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

California People

Old Southern California

Early California

States California

California History

California Dreamin

Spanish West

Spanish Heritage

Angeles Iii

Portrait of Catarina and Caroline Pico, circa 1855. Catarina was a ward of General Andres Pico. In 1874 she married Romulo Pico, the son of General Andres Pico. San Fernando Valley Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Trust Savings

Savings Bank

Bank 1923

Angeles Iii

Los Angeles

Owensmouth Historical

Canoga Owensmouth

Valley Written

Security Trust

A Daughter of the Snows: The Story of the Great San Fernando Valley written by the Publicity Department, Lankershim Branch, Security Trust & Savings Bank, 1923. Canoga-Owensmouth Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

William Ellsworth

Single Acre

Irrigated Land

Landers Historical

Economic Recession

Social Movement

Society San


History Digital

William Ellsworth Smythe, founder of a social movement known as "Little Landers" worked with George W. Harris and Marshall Valentine Hartranft to build the "Los Terrenitos" or the "Little Lands" Colony in 1913. Smythe and his disciples believed that any man could support himself and his family on a single acre of irrigated land.The Colony struggled through economic recession and by 1920 had ceased to exist. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

1797 San

8 1797

Fray Fermin

By Fray

Espana Mission

Title Page

The Baptism

Signed By

Fermin Francisco

Title page of the Registro de Bautismos, the Baptism Registers, San Fernando Rey de Espana Mission. It was signed by Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuen on September 8, 1797. San Fernando, Rey de España. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Historic Women

Historic Los

White Linen Dresses

Pioneer Women'S

Dress Circa

Landers Historical


Embroidered Dress

Society San

Pioneer Women's Club members, Edna Leetham in Mrs. McGroarty's Italian embroidered dress and Ethel Kramer in Grandma McReynolds white linen dress, circa 1930s. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Calabasas School

Class 1933

1933 San

Class Photograph

Memories American

Deluxity Sfv

Sfv Valley

Vintage Valley

Americana Memories

Class photograph at a school in Calabasas, 1933. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

San Fernando California

California 1940S

State California

San Fernando Valley

Valley I'M

Valley Foothills

Postcards Photos

Vintage Postcards

Gordon Jenkins

Sheet music for the 1940's tune "San Fernando Valley: I'm Packing My Grip" sung by Bing Crosby. Words and music written by Gordon Jenkins. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Evening January

January 29

Vintage California

Vintage Los

Wright Sunday

Judge Julian

Julian Beck

Cast Included

29 1939

Flyer announcing the play "Who Killed Earl Wright?" Sunday evening, January 29, 1939. Performance was held at the First Baptist church in San Fernando. The cast included Julian Beck, who, according to the penned correction, replaced Fuller as the Judge in the play. Beck was an attorney in 1939, and would later become Superior Court Judge of Los Angeles County. Judge Julian Beck Collection. San Fernando Valley History.Digital Library.

Los Angeles 2

Historic Los Angeles

Historic San

Brand Library

Library San

Public Library

Center Glendale

Glendale Central

Miradero Circa

The Brand family butler serving beverages on the tennis courts at El Miradero, circa 1910. The estate was bequeathed to the City of Glendale, and by 1956 the mansion had been converted into the Brand Library. In the 1960s, the City funded an addition to the library which created space for an art center. Glendale Central Public Library. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Features Illustrations

Illustrations Posters

San Fernando California

San Fernando Valley

Postcards Photos

Vintage Postcards

1964 Features

1972 2000

Businesses Schools

Cover of a city directory for Mission Hills, circa 1964. Features illustrations of the San Fernando Mission with the Santa Susana Mountains in the background. Directory contains information and advertisements for businesses, schools, churches and recreation in Mission Hills. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Lightning Burbank

Lightning 1944

Lockheed Lightning

Lockheed Employee

Employee Working

Female Employee

38 Lighting

Burbank California

Worker California

Photo: Female Lockheed employee working on a P-38 Lightning, Burbank, California, 1944

Sampler Samplers

Stitches Sampler

Embroidery Stitches

Cent Sampler

Modern Embroidery

Surgical Stitches

Medical Stitches

Sampler Circa

Antique Sampler

Surgical suture sampler, circa 18th cen.

Smithsonian National

National Museum

Smithsonian Museum

The National

Birds National

Smithsonian American

States National

Bird Collection

Museum Collection

Natural History Museum. Vintage London. 1970’s

Brand Boulevard

Boulevard San

Glendale California History

California Vintage

Valley Historical

Historical Society

1920S Theodore

La History

Local History

Exterior view of the Cody Theater, located at 303 S. Brand Boulevard, San Fernando, 1923. The movie advertised on the theater's marquee is Grumpy (1923) starring prolific silent film star of the 1910s and 1920s, Theodore Roberts. San Fernando Valley Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Barry Goldwater

Morris Goldwater

History Studies

Studies Class

Heritage Digital

Collections Pin

Angeles Board

Doctoral Students

Distinguished Career

Letter from Cesar Chavez to Julian Nava, May 11, 1971. Nava and Chavez worked together throughout their careers. In 1967, Chavez, then president of the National Farm Workers Association (later the United Farm Workers), assisted Nava in his candidacy for the Los Angeles Board of Education. In this letter, Chavez thanks Nava for writing a letter to Congressman Barry Morris Goldwater, Jr., the son of Senator Barry Goldwater. Julian Nava Collection. Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives.

Toy Marbles

Playing Marbles

Loved Marbles

Played Marbles

Awesome Marbles

Marbles Green

Collecting Marbles

70'S And 80'S Toys

Toys 80'S

Glass Toy Marbles - Vintage

Rawhide Playing

Apache Playing

Cards 1800

Old Cards

Apache Painted

Painted Rawhide

37 Painted

Tarot Playing Cards

Vintage Playing Cards

Apache Painted Rawhide Playing Cards Set of 37; all painted in red, yellow, and blue; 3.5 in. x 2.25 in.; 19th century. Historical society states that these cards were accessioned in 1908 and were used for the game of Monte.

Native Dwellings

Indian Dwellings

Dwellings Ya

Dwellings Google

Indigenous Dwellings

Indigenous Homes

History Geography

Geography Lessons

Human Geography

also native american home images with info to print out here