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Park Topanga

Big Cocks Canyon

Canyon Oaks

Canyon Road

Housing Development

Development Project

Valley 1991

Conservancy Purchased

Oaks Estates

A rally in Topanga to protest the Montevideo housing development project in Summit Valley, 1991. The Montevideo housing venture was first formed in 1982 to build luxury homes and a golf course on 660 acres at the top of Topanga Canyon Road. After 12 long years of struggle, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy purchased the land from Canyon Oaks Estates Ltd. and created Summit Valley Edmund D. Edelman Park. Topanga Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Fernando California

In California

1877 San

6 1864

Anna Mary

Scotland Mine

87 Years

Linton Dispora

Scene Board

Anna Mary Forrester was the daughter of Peter Forrester, a native of Scotland. She arrived in California about 1852 and married Benigno Pico at Misión San Luís Obispoon January 6, 1864. Anna was 87-years-old when she died at her home at 451 Mission Street, San Fernando, California, where she had resided since 1877. San Fernando Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Box Holders

Topanga Historical

15 1959

Minute Men

Selling Stuff

Society San

History Digital


Valley Foothills

Flyer mailed to box holders in Malibu and Topanga by the Malibu Minute Men urging voters to reject the establishment of Los Angeles County Waterworks District no. 29 in the September 15, 1959 election. Topanga Historical Society, San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Topanga California

Canyon California

Southern California

Road Topanga

Big Cocks Canyon

Nature Mother

Mother Earth

Lost Hollywood

Calif Usa

Road - Topanga Canyon, California.

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copenhagen // black & white

Keeler Photographed

Singer Photographed

Jolson 1930S

To Jolson

Mondo 1

The World

Vintage Los

Vintage Hollywood

Classic Hollywood

deforest: Ruby Keeler photographed in the Encino home she... - ASA NISI MASA

Valley Valley

Valley Girl

Voters Organized

2002 Campaign

Valley Voters

Message I M

Flag Iii

Angeles Communities

Collection San

These fans, which bear the message, "I'M A FAN OF VALLEY CITYHOOD," were distributed by Valley VOTE during the 2002 campaign to create a new city out of the Los Angeles communities of the San Fernando Valley. Valley Voters Organized Toward Empowerment Collection. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

California Memoir

Vintage California

California History

Southern California

California Dreaming

La Pics

Vintage La

Places Lived

The Historical

San Fernando

William Ellsworth

Single Acre

Irrigated Land

Landers Historical

Economic Recession

Social Movement

Society San


History Digital

William Ellsworth Smythe, founder of a social movement known as "Little Landers" worked with George W. Harris and Marshall Valentine Hartranft to build the "Los Terrenitos" or the "Little Lands" Colony in 1913. Smythe and his disciples believed that any man could support himself and his family on a single acre of irrigated land.The Colony struggled through economic recession and by 1920 had ceased to exist. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Soft Water

Water High

Colony Members

Chosen Valley

Acre Plots

1913 William

Angeles Evening

History 1913

Landers Historical

The Chosen Valley of the Little Landers, Los Angeles Evening Express, May 3, 1913. William E. Smythe started the movement known as "Little Lands." This advertisement beckons prospective colony members with inexpensive quarter-acre plots, soft water, "high social and intellectual life" and all the enticements of country living. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Baby Promotional

Plaque Representing

Newest Town

California History

Southern California

Land Developers

30 1912


Valley March

Stork and baby promotional plaque representing Owensmouth, the newest town in the San Fernando Valley, March 30, 1912. This plaque was given to prospective buyers by land developers on the opening day of land sales in Owensmouth. The new town was named Owensmouth in anticipation of the water being brought from the Owens Valley via the Los Angeles Aqueduct. In 1931, the town was renamed Canoga Park. West Valley Museum. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Kneen History

Topanga Historical

Tank Built

Les Haines

Canyon Photographer

Bottle Water

Hidden La

Society San

Rock Road

This water tank built by T. W. (Bill) Kneen in the shape of a milk bottle was built in the 1930's out of masonry. Located at Red Rock Road, Old Topanga Canyon. Photographer: A. Les Haines. Topanga Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

California 1860S

Encino California

California Days

California Sunshine

California Memoir

California History

Angeles California

Linked Los

Trail Linked

Old stage coach road in Chatsworth shows the rough terrain over which the stage lines traveled. The road dates from the 1860's and represents a period in the Valley when the trail linked Los Angeles, Encino, Simi Valley, and Ventura. It was declared an historic-cultural monument on January 5, 1972. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Plaza Canoga

Canoga Park

Mall Canoga

Vintage San

Vintage Store

Vintage Photos

Fountain Topanga

Photo Canoga

Rain Fountain

topanga plaza (now called Westfield Topanga)…I will never forget my roots!

Los Angeles Vintage

Old Los Angeles

Circa 1922

1922 1926

Mulholland Hills

Merrick Ruddick

Vintage San

Vintage Travel

Art Depicts

The cover of a brochure for the Mulholland Hills development above Studio City by Merrick & Ruddick Realtors (ca. 1924). The subdivision’s frontage was on the Mulholland Highway between Franklin and Coldwater Canyons, facing the San Fernando Valley. Amusingly, the fanciful cover art depicts a view to the sea instead of the valley floor. One of its selling points was Coldwater Canyon, which offered the first direct road link from Ventura Boulevard in the valley to Beverly Hills.

Celebration Marked

Jubilee Celebration

Methodist Church S

United Methodist

Church San

The Church

Chatsworth Methodist

Pioneer Jubilee


Cover of a program from the Chatsworth Methodist Church's "Pioneer Jubilee" March 9, 1958 celebrations. The church's appointment of the first pastor was 1888. The Jubilee celebration marked the church's 70th year in existence. The church building that held the celebration was built in 1903 and was located at 10051 Topanga Canyon Boulevard. Chatsworth United Methodist Church. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

California People

Old Southern California

Early California

States California

California History

California Dreamin

Spanish West

Spanish Heritage

Angeles Iii

Portrait of Catarina and Caroline Pico, circa 1855. Catarina was a ward of General Andres Pico. In 1874 she married Romulo Pico, the son of General Andres Pico. San Fernando Valley Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Brand Boulevard

Boulevard San

Glendale California History

California Vintage

Valley Historical

Historical Society

1920S Theodore

La History

Local History

Exterior view of the Cody Theater, located at 303 S. Brand Boulevard, San Fernando, 1923. The movie advertised on the theater's marquee is Grumpy (1923) starring prolific silent film star of the 1910s and 1920s, Theodore Roberts. San Fernando Valley Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Los Angeles 2

Historic Los Angeles

Historic San

Brand Library

Library San

Public Library

Center Glendale

Glendale Central

Miradero Circa

The Brand family butler serving beverages on the tennis courts at El Miradero, circa 1910. The estate was bequeathed to the City of Glendale, and by 1956 the mansion had been converted into the Brand Library. In the 1960s, the City funded an addition to the library which created space for an art center. Glendale Central Public Library. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.