Group portrait of a class at the Lopez Station School in Granada Hills, circa 1883. The school was run by Geronimo and Catalina Lopez and was the first English speaking school in the Valley. The school closed in 1884. San Fernando Valley Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Rudy Ortega, also known as Chief Little Bear, talking with Boeing administrators at Rocketdyne in the Santa Susana Mountains, 1970s. Rudy Ortega Sr. was a leader and community organizer for the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians.The chief was registering the site with the State Historical society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Earthquake damage at an apartment house in Sherman Oaks, Calif. after the Northridge earthquake of January 17, 1994. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

The Khmer: The original Black civilization of Cambodia

Looking north towards what is now Chatsworth Street and Sepulveda Boulevard. In the distance, the San Fernando Mission is visible, surrounded by open land. circa 1920. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Title page of the Registro de Bautismos, the Baptism Registers, San Fernando Rey de Espana Mission. It was signed by Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuen on September 8, 1797. San Fernando, Rey de España. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

The unboxing of the STATUE OF LIBERTY in 1885. Most people in America don't know that this piece was sent in boxes from France. Also, the designer of the statue was Gustave Eiffel, same person who designed the Eiffel tower. There are some really cool photoes of the statue of liberty when it was first constructed in paris with the old town all around it.

Samuel Marx Cooper, on left with Stan or Percy Masson in Calabasas on their motorcycles, circa 1918. Calabasas Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Banished vividly recounts the forgotten history of racial cleansing in America when thousands of African Americas were driven from their homes & communities by violent racist mobs in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. In fear for their lives, black people left these towns & never returned to reclaim their property. The film features black families determined to go to any length to reconstruct their families past & gain some justice for their ancestors & themselves.

taken February 21, 1965, the day Malcolm was assassinated.

Contemporary Portrait of Kuei Woman, descendants of the ancient people of Thailand and Kampuchea (Cambodia). Ancient Chinese records document the presence of the Kuei people who fought with and against Chinese rulers. They were renown for their seafaring skills and trade. (photography by James Brunson)

The Dog Soldiers were the most powerful and militant of the Cheyenne tribe's-Love the movie "Last of the Dogmen"-tried to show some of what this group was about but of course -tribal historical recordings will offer you a much better perspective.

Lame Bull Thats a great face honestly the face of a full blood

Santa Claus was a Black Muurish European Nicholas, was probably born during the third century in the village of Patara, in what is now the southern coast of Turkey. He was born of very wealthy ethnic black Anatolians of the ancient Roman Empire. He was one of those ancient and dominant black Muurs of Europe that you only fleetingly come across in today’s western history, because the Gothic Europeans would hide the true Muurish history in Europe.

Wendell Scott was the first African American driver to start a race in NASCAR (he started 495 in NASCAR's top series between 1961-1973). He is the only African American to win (in 1963 at Speedway Park)

Portrait of Catarina and Caroline Pico, circa 1855. Catarina was a ward of General Andres Pico. In 1874 she married Romulo Pico, the son of General Andres Pico. San Fernando Valley Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Teddy Roosevelt's horse "Little Texas" led the charge up Kettle Hill during the 1898 Spanish American War. It would be remembered in history as the Battle of San Juan Hill. In his retirement, Little Texas lived out his life at Sagamore Hill, Long Island NY, where the Roosevelts kept a summer home. When he died, he was buried in the family's pet cemetery.

44 Facts About United States Presidents That Will Blow Your Mind (I've more or less liked Calvin Coolidge since fifth grade, and it's just been further confirmed. :))

Titanic Second Officer Charles Lightoller said he knew the real reason why Titanic hit the iceberg and sank. He protected White Star and kept the info to himself except for telling his beloved wife. He followed the "Women and Children" rule and dove into the ocean as it sank. He lead a group of others in staying afloat on an overturned lifeboat. He was the last survivor to board the Carpathia. His is a story worth reading. His version of what happened to Titanic is incredible.

Library hidden in a cave... a unique repository of ancient manuscripts known as The Library Cave. A hidden cache of 50,000 books and rolls dating from c. 500 to 1002 that were deemed heretical and hidden in the cave in the early 11th century.