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Interior view of two workers on the assembly line at the General Motors plant in Van Nuys, circa 1960. The General Motors assembly plant opened in 1947 and was one of the San Fernando Valley's first attempts to progress from agriculture into large industry. When in full production, the plant employed 3,500 workers and helped to expand industrial, commercial, and residential development. San Fernando Valley Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital library.

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Enduring Torturous,Torturous Gm,Gm Mis,Years Enduring,Trust American,Commerce Industry,Workers Rights,32 1,2 Years

The Ford Motor Company’s final assembly line at the River Rouge plant, can be seen at a halt, during one of the many postwar labor union strikes in this Feb. 19, 1946, press photo.

1970 Ford station wagon. Mine was blue. Paid $2,200. Needed it for trips home to Ontario with young family while living in Halifax, NS, during 1969 to 1971. Girls had a 4ft by 8ft mattress in back for a belts you ask. It sat at Bro's farm for 23 years until my nephew scrapped it.