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Milkman with delivery truck for Adohr Farms in Reseda, circa 1935-1937. The Adohr Farms milk dairy was located in Tarzana, California at Ventura Boulevard and Lindley Avenue. The dairy was established by Merritt Adamson 1916, and named for his wife, Rhoda (spelled backwards). Adohr Farms Collection. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

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Keener Meat Truck #1

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Photograph Football Coach Knute Rockne Standing Beside a New Rockne


Adohr Farms, Reseda, CA circa 1935 - "Largest Guernsey herd in the world" - Shirley Temple's Guernsey calf, Tillie, a gift from the children of Tillamook, Oregon on her 9th birthday, was here in 1935

Portrait of Linetta, a champion Guernsey dairy cow from Adohr Farms in Reseda, circa 1937. The accompanying caption reads: "Few dairy cows attain such fame as Linetta of Adohr. For three years she has been judged the Grand Champion Guernsey of California. She was Reserve Grand Champion at the National Dairy Show in Dallas, 1936. She is the heroine of Adohr's feature length movie in color, 'The Story of Linetta.'" Adohr Farms Collection. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Miss Angela Ficker, Queen of the 1935 Los Angeles County Fair, poses with Adohr's Grand Champion Guernseys. Adohr Farms Collection.

A promotional photograph for Adohr Farms, Guernsey, c. 1935. Accompanying caption reads: "The Guernsey Breed of cattle was developed on the Isle of Guernsey, one of the small Channel Islands off the coast of France. For many generations, no other breed has been allowed on the Island. Guernseys give milk of rich golden color, fine flavor and high butterfat content." Adohr Farms Collection.

Adohr Farms - milkman and truck - "Certified Guernsey Milk" - 1920s / 1930s ?

Shirley Temple and two calves at Adohr Farms, Reseda, CA ... Right, Tillie Temple, a Guernsey calf sent by children of Tillamook, Oregon for her 9th birthday, 1935 ... Left, "Tillie's playmate Dinah" ... San Fernando Valley History, California

Native Americans posing at San Fernando Mission, circa 1880. Photo credit: Title Insurance and Trust Company. San Fernando, Rey de España. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Cover of the Miner's Road Map of Southern California, published by Pacific Publishing Co., 120 North Main Street, Los Angeles, Calif., 1899. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Anna Mary Forrester was the daughter of Peter Forrester, a native of Scotland. She arrived in California about 1852 and married Benigno Pico at Misión San Luís Obispoon January 6, 1864. Anna was 87-years-old when she died at her home at 451 Mission Street, San Fernando, California, where she had resided since 1877. San Fernando Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

San Fernando Tunnel - Newhall Pass. Construction of the tunnel began on March 22, 1875 and it was completed on July 14, 1876. Hundreds of Chinese laborers worked on the tunnel. The tunnel was considered a great engineering achievement at the time and it was important because it connected Northern and Southern California by rail. West Valley Museum. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

John Steven and Ida Lubrecht McGroarty, circa 1915. John Steven McGroarty was Poet Laureate of the State of California 1933-1934, and represented Los Angeles in the US House of Representatives from 1935 to 1939. He authored the Mission Play, which romanticized McGroarty's former home in the Verdugo Hills. The McGroarty's Tujunga home now houses the McGroarty Arts Center, part of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

This Adohr Milkmaid sculpture was created in the 1920s. It was originally located in Tarzana, CA. The sculpture was one several built to advertise for the Adohr Farms Creamery Co. It is the only one left. In 1969, the sculpture was moved to the dairy company in Tulare that bought out Adohr Farms. By the 1990s, the sculpture was in bad shape. It has since been restored and now stands in front of Saputo Dairy Foods. - "Largest Guernsey herd in the world"

Steele's Valley Motor Lodge, located at 13949 Ventura Boulevard (at the northwest corner of the intersection with Colbath Avenue) in Sherman Oaks, California (ca. 1950). A Chase Bank and office building occupies that location today.

The United Farm Workers (UFW) published the monthly magazine Food and Justice to keep its members and other interested parties up to date with issues important to the Farm Workers movement. The July 1988 issue (Volume 5, Number 5) featured a story on supermarket boycotts and an article about Cesar Chavez's latest fast, which began on July 16, 1988. Millie Moser Smith Papers.

Letter from Cesar Chavez to Julian Nava, May 11, 1971. Nava and Chavez worked together throughout their careers. In 1967, Chavez, then president of the National Farm Workers Association (later the United Farm Workers), assisted Nava in his candidacy for the Los Angeles Board of Education. In this letter, Chavez thanks Nava for writing a letter to Congressman Barry Morris Goldwater, Jr., the son of Senator Barry Goldwater. Julian Nava Collection. Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives.

Front page of the Sundial, "Streak … Streaking … Streaked" March 15, 1974. This front page of the Daily Sundial, campus newspaper at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), depicts "streakers" running through campus. This article discusses the "Greek" (sorority and fraternity) origins of streaking and its prevalence on the east coast before it made its debut at CSUN. CSUN University Digital Archives.