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The cave paintings of the Fernadero/Tataviam Tribe located in the Santa Susana Mountains, circa 1970s. The Tataviam settled in the Santa Clara River Valley around A.D. 450. The last full-blooded Tataviam, Juan Josa Fustero, died in 1921. About 600 Native Americans in the greater Los Angeles area claim Tataviam ancestry. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

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Magnificence on Cave Walls

ZIMBABVE - MATOBO HILLS - INANKE CAVE - 8000/3000 BC - This cave is one of hundreds painted by the San people, also called Bushmen, located in Matobo National Park of Zimbabwe.

The Brand family butler serving beverages on the tennis courts at El Miradero, circa 1910. The estate was bequeathed to the City of Glendale, and by 1956 the mansion had been converted into the Brand Library. In the 1960s, the City funded an addition to the library which created space for an art center. Glendale Central Public Library. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

2400 years BC, South Africa Oldest painting on a rock shelter wall in the Drakensberg dates back about 2400 years Bushmen Драконовы горы, Drakensberg, территории ЮАР, Лесото и Свазиленда.

A very large polychrome pictograph depicts humans, serpents and circles. The image is from new discoveries of cave rock art in Tennessee extending into Alabama. It likely illustrated a myth spread across generations via word of mouth...