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Painted Paper Plate Hand Fans. Perfect for Chinese New Year or Tet. Kid's

No matter what happened, while the end of His Last Vow ached and surprised us beautifully, I don't think I shall ever sob as hard or be as touched as I was during The Reichenbach Fall. I don't think any new episode will ever tear me apart like that one did.

In this project, students learned a new way to draw trees--the Y method. Then they painted leaves, sky, and land and used a monoprinting technique to make a reflection.

Pre-Fall 2017 Marchesa

Pre-Fall 2017 Marchesa

It seems that at the beginning of each new year, everyone begins predicting trends that they anticipate will be big that year. I can’t say that I am interested in what has been declared the color of the year, the hot new metal finish, or trendy pieces. What happens next year when the new hot …