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Previous pinner: "There is a whole generation who are being raised by grandparents because their own parents are too lazy, too immature, or too concerned with themselves to bother with the children they brought into this world. What happens when those children become parents and they have the same attitudes and morals that their own deadbeat parents had? Who raises their children?"

OMG!!!!! I was just thinking about this today. We give too much credit to moms who "raise their child on their own" and talk down on the dads who are never around. I think in most cases the grandparents are the ones who raise the child nowadays and the dad is pushed away by the immature mom threatening to take him to court even though she's doing just as bad of a job as he is!

Can't find a babysitter for tonight? Stay home like a responsible adult you filthy slut. Bahahahaha some girls

Giving your child a trophy for NOT winning pretty much guarantees that he will be living in your basement applying for jobs as a Superhero until he's 40. | Family Ecard |