"Well, hello there.......supper"

Dialogue by Olga Gladysheva


well hello there

Well hello!


Two frogs a-leaping: This pair of red-eyed tree frogs did their best to outdo each other with a height contest in Indonesia

Contemplating life :)

wow that is a great shot

✮ Fawn & Butterfly...Pure Innocence..

Tree Frog and Chalkhill Blue Butterfy

hello by shikhei goh

Friendship by Naa Bolang

the butterfly and the deer

Transparent tree frog.

hello everybody

Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies

Frogs: Me & my parents. Reminds me of the world being well

Mesmerized by Vogt


lovely green frog...it's not easy being green. #GreenDreams / #Kermit / #Frog