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    Takes two to tango by Teguh Santosa

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    "Ant & World" - ©Teguh Santosa (via 500px)

    ~~the dancing ants by Rhonny Dayusasono~~

    Kungfu Ant, Copyright Uda Dennie

    The Mighty Ant ~ amazing Ant photography

    Ants with giant seed pods from a Mimosa tree, photographer Eko Adiyanto from West Java

    Dragon fly. This is an amazing photograph.

    perfect animal shots | ... perfect shot. Following are some of the inspirational examples of

    Teamwork by Fahmi Bhs, Ants forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in. #Photography #Ants

    Teamwork makes the dream work!!!!

    Ants working together

    together is beautiful by mauro maione, via 500px

    Amazing photo..

    The Power Of Ant ...

    Thirsty Little Ant, what a shot. #bokeh #photography

    #LADYBUG #Coccinelle Vote ♡ J'aime sur "Couleurs de Lecture" par Céline RIGAL en suivant le lien :

    Dancing frog~The red-eyed tree frog has three eyelids, and sticky pads on its toes. Phyllomedusid tree frogs are arboreal animals, meaning they spend a majority of their lives in trees; they are great jumpers.

    The saying 'you are what you eat' is true for these insects as stunning pictures show their abdomens changing colour as they sip on sugar drops.

    ladybug reflection.

    amazing shot