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Myrrh Tree (Commiphora) Plant,

Passionflower -- Helps to balance hormones (men & women), and manage seizures, shingles, and Parkinson's. But it's most effective for easing anxiety. Studies show that after 1 month's use, passionflower is as effective as benzos (Valium, etc.) in managing anxiety -- without the side effects and addiction. Best taken as a tincture (alcohol base) under the tongue; available at health shops. | Photo: Christopher Baker

Parkia biglobosa Mimosaceae~tree; Parkia biglobosa, commonly known as the locust bean tree, African locust bean or néré, is a perennial deciduous tree of the Fabaceae family. It is found in a wide range of environments in Africa and is primarily grown for its pods that contain both a sweet pulp and valuable seeds. Where the tree is grown, the crushing and fermenting of these seeds constitutes an important economic activity. Various parts of the locust bean tree are used for medicinal…

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