"Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings!" - Peter Pan

Peter Pan Quotes

Peter Pan and Wendy. Wallpaper and background photos of Peter Pan and Wendy for fans of Peter Pan images.


Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick- these are the only kind of candlesticks I would find acceptable for a romantic dinner.

James Hance - Wookie the Chew / Star Wars

Whoever Rescues Me Has To Rescue Chew, Too' - My Favorite Disney Old school movie with Star Wars. I need a Sword and the Stone/Star Wars crossover too. I know what that movie Is, I just can't remember!

It’s Good To Be A Geek – 50 Funny Pictures www.facebook.com/pages/Focalglasses/551227474936539 Best Vision in The World!

Funny pictures about Star Wars Yoga. Oh, and cool pics about Star Wars Yoga. Also, Star Wars Yoga.

Peter Pan und Wendy

Peter Pan und Wendy

i really say that all the time..wgen i tell someone "im gonna call ____" then i always add: " AND I AM NOT GONNA USE THE BANANA THIS TIME!" ;)

I'm calling mom! "And I am NOT using the banana this time!" "You guys heard that too, right?

"I feel like I'm getting kicked out" - Barry, Iris and Joe #TheFlash

It was pretty funny though. But all in all not the WORST overall reaction to "oh hell this kid I raised is now dating my daughter"

Girl's night! Evil!

"Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy!" FROM: funny-Disney-villains-poker-crazy

We have found the rebel bass...

Oh no, the Empire has located the hidden Rebel Base (Bass, that is! quick, fire up the star-drive, we must flee to fight our Star Wars another day!

The Life Of A Stormtrooper

The Life Of A Stormtrooper

Funny pictures about The Life Of A Stormtrooper. Oh, and cool pics about The Life Of A Stormtrooper. Also, The Life Of A Stormtrooper photos.

This DIY Death Star globe.

21 Nerdy Things You Need For Your Home Right Now

Geek Home Decor: Make your own Star Wars DIY Death Star Globe for the boys room