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Love these tips, knowing which seeds to soak, when to plant, and companion planting tips will help our garden produce the most veggies yet!

Lemon Cucumber Seeds

Spherical heirloom cucumber variety producing bright lemon yellow colored fruits. Fruit is tender and sweet. Plants are very easy to grow and do well in areas that have short summers, as fruits mature faster and need less heat to ripen than most cucumbers.

Neem Oil - Okra - Squash - Aphids. Garden Plant damage and repair. -

Killing Baby Squash Bugs With Neem Oil and Peppermint Soap -

All About Growing Kohlrabi

Growing kohlrabi quickly becomes habit-forming among organic gardeners, because this crunchy treat is so good to eat. Fast-maturing kohlrabi plants can be grown in spring and in fall, while the weather is cool. Storage varieties take longer to grow, but produce excellent crops. This guide includes recommended kohlrabi varieties and tips for growing, harvesting, storing and more.

Tips for Trouble-Free Tree Planting

Learn how to plant a healthy fruit or shade tree that'll live and thrive for decades. It's all about selecting the best tree, digging the hole the right way, handling the tree properly and placing it in the right location. Plant it in the spring or fall and keep it watered but not soaked. We'll show you how.