stars! stars! stars!

starry night

Fancy - DIY Star Projector


star lights

starry night

projector living room ideas

spray paint hula hoops black, string lights on them and hang them from the ceiling.

window display

lighting idea

stage design

display idea

christmas window

hula hoop light

Starry Night Sky Projector Colorful LED Night Light (Random Color,Powered by 3 AA Battery) | LightInTheBox

led night light

night lights

bathroom ideas

nightlight fill

starry night sky

interior design, home accessories, lamps, lighting, people, stick people /

interior design

lamp design


cool lamp

Stick-anywhere digital clock

cool office idea

must have gadget

wall clock

black and white wall

black and white comforter

cool clock

black wall

Mouse House hallway night light


mouse house

dream house

kids room

fairy house

diy night light

amazing driveway - glowstone mixed in with pavement/ cool would this be?

glowstone mixed

glowstone driveway

dark driveway

dream house

dream home

glowing driveway

house idea

love this

small room

kids room


small bedroom

Wall Clocks and millions of other products available today. Every purchase supports independent art and the artist that created it.

cool craft

wall clock

tumblr room

dream room

cool room

cool clock

room diy

Gel fridge: put your stuff in it and the gel keeps it cool. when your reach in and take it out, the gel automatically reforms. WHATT!??!?!!?!?!?

gel automatically

automatically reforms

kitchen gadgets

man cave

gel fridge

awesome inventions

cool stuff

DIY Gold Moon Wall. Use a projector to make the outline then just fill in the rest. Good idea!

gold moon

diy gold

gold walls

gold painting

wall painting

diy craft

gold decoration

wall mural idea

Coolest candle ever… #UniqueCandles

candles creative

coolest candle

design candles

coolest gifts ever

awesome stuff i want

awesome candle

TV bed. haha absurd!

60 000

cool beds

tv beds

technology futuretech

bedroom design

antler outlets! to hold your device! Cool!

socket deer

man cave

light switch cover

antler outlets

hold phone

antler plug

outlet covers

Privacy Pop Tent Twin Black // this is an absolutely ingenious design for the privacy of dorm-dwellers and room-sharers! #productdesign #industrialdesign

sharers productdesign

productdesign industrialdesign

privacy pop

privacy bed

dorm design

awesome invention

Mini Wave Projector, so beautiful! $19.99

projector nightlight

lights i ve

night lights

ocean projector

ocean waves

projection lights

Tree shadow lamp.......WANT IT!

interior design

light fixtures

dream house