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    "this is not new" because new is nothing, we can only, try and modification.. but i called with "The Inspiration"

    lettering, packaging, colour, mexico, map, tea towel, type, design, typography

    Bodoni article- I love the flow of this article with the very text based imagery. It catches the eye right away with the flowing way that it is set up. The black and white creates a very simplistic tone but works great for this article- the white typography over the black still leaves you able to read the article but adds that right touch.

    Myrtle & Lloyd calligraphy and illustration.

    Dale a tu fachada un tour original y haz que resalte cambiando el número a tu estilo, puedes pintarlo con stenciles o trazarlo tu mismo basándote en una tipografía que te agrade

    i like the layout of this piece of art... would like to recreate a piece with a similar aspect :)

    Don't know if it would be very useful for scrapbooking, but I like type set in a block.

    I almost feel like taking some of the details away, I think it would make it stronger... but it does feel balanced. Well done.

    Penrose 82 - International review of the graphic arts