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Cute idea for a pic!!!! Whitney Clark Clark Silhan. But turned to where the baby's face shows. How cute is that?

Must do!! i did the blocks on my belly when i was pregnant.. wish i would have thought to take the picture with my baby girl after.. she is two now and wouldnt sit still for a picture like this

newborn photo idea, I think this is better around 3 months I didn't look so cute after having a baby lol. I look better 3 months later

love everything about this picture!!! I don't have babies anymore, but this is sure a cute idea.

"Heeey....Heeey Girl.....Someone looks good today!!"

Dress up photo shoot. Jess Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Baldwin Love this for Belle!!!

newborn photo idea with parents out of focus in the background

Newborn shoot ideas. In case I convince Daniel Morgan Morgan Ritchey to have another baby ;-)