Cucumbers are sweeter when you plant them with sunflowers...other tips on this blog re: gardening...

What Not to Plant Together – Gardening Tips

How to grow carrots and other good gardening tips


Sugar water or apple juice in a milk jug will trap bees, wasps, and hornets. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Follow this one tip in your garden & get a ton of strawberries! Also a little strawberry education!

How to Grow Onions - From Start to Finish

20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips

Cucumbers grown in the wrong conditions can become bitter or tasteless. Here is a simple tried and true tip for having the sweetest cucumbers in town . . .

Growing Gardening: How To Make A Self Watering Container. I see a DIY growing here ! I am not paying 80 bucks for one planter! YouTube is abundant with DIYs for self-watering pots !

12 Top Tomato Tips

how to grow shaped cucumbers

Strawberry painted like strawberries to condition birds to leave your strawberries alone!

Epsom Salt for Tomato, and Pepper Growing, helps prevent blossom end rot and encourages bigger fruit and healthier plants.

Square Foot Gardening - our favorite method of managing a garden in a small suburban landscape. But we did make a few mistakes along the way. Learn from our mistakes before you tackle your garden!

Starting Sweet Potato's

gorgeous sturdy trellis for climbers like cucumbers and watermelon - provide great shade for lettuces underneath

Yellow can attract (and therefore trap) two of the worst gardening pests, the destructive cucumber beetle and the dreaded squash vine borer.

20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas grow new plants with the help of potatoes

Cucumber trellis with room for lettuce underneath...need one or two of these.

How To Grow Cucumbers