Ordered one of these for the kids.

Our little one has begged me to get it.

These bunk beds are pretty cool

These Bunk beds are really nice.

My father just bought our son Thomas one of these. WOW was he surpised when he got home!

Just ordered one of these for my child

thinking about doing something like this in the kids room

We got the kids this, we likes it.

My father just bought our son Mason one of these. WOW was he surpised when he got home!

Doll House bunk beds....id love to do this or a club house thing for my 2 ;)

Just ordered one of those for our little one

Make curtains for top bunk. Add curtains to inside of bottom bunk too. Fun for kids

Repin if you love doing projects like this <3

charming bunks

I'm pinning bc I wonder if something like this would work for two boys sharing a room, one who needs a little nightlight and the other who needs dark....hhmmm.....

DIY Three-Level Bunk Beds

Something fun to do with the kids

I will whitewash my attic someday and add built in bunk beds for the ultimate sleepover room!

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I spent all of yesterday doing these with the little cousins, had a blast. we must have created 1000s of them. time to get some some relaxation!

Lance would love this