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    The bedroom dates right back to 1700, including its decor.

    Nobilis's faux wood grain wallpaper adds a touch of woodland whimsy in the son's room.

    Soft teal blended with gray and green give the master bedroom its serene atmosphere.

    In the master bedroom, the clients' own club chairs wear new upholstery in a Dedar fabric.

    "Decorating with an eclectic eye is risky. It has to be done deftly, with a certain restraint, otherwise it can look chaotic."

    Your beloved covers reveal a lot more than just your favorite print.

    Lavender, vanilla, and jasmine have been proven to promote tranquility and sleep.

    Not only does clutter collect hard-to-remove dust (which can interfere with breathing at night), it can also be distracting.

    Hang heftier curtains in your bedroom.

    Choose calming colors to give your bedroom a relaxing vibe.

    Consider turning the thermostat down or installing a ceiling fan: Several studies have found that temps around 65 degrees F help you get a quality night's sleep.

    "Snoring Rooms" are the newest solution to a bad night's sleep.

    There are definitely some things to note before hanging your window treatments.

    The room in which Kathleen Kelly sent many emails to work-rival-turned-true-love Joe Fox from in this 1998 flick, is located on the Upper West Side.

    Who doesn't love the sleepover scene at Frenchy's house in this 1978 classic?

    Scarlett's southern plantation home wouldn't be complete without a romantic bedroom filled with crown molding and trim.

    The upstairs loft sleeps two, with matching twin beds. Its wall of stacked books gives the room a dramatic focal point.

    Beautiful gingham drapery, a masculine chandelier, and a paneled accent wall dress up this simple yet chic master bedroom.

    "The daughter's room is very feminine," says Weiss, who used Pindler's Mayer stripe for the canopy and bed skirt, and Raoul Textiles' Amijao for the headboard and curtains.

    A Gwendoline spindle bed by Bradshaw Kirchofer, handmade from solid pine, is the focal point of the master bedroom.

    "Aqua is elegant and flattering. You feel pretty in this bedroom, and pretty never goes out of style."

    "Blue is so soothing to me," says the designer, who used Vanuatu Twilight wallpaper from Anthropologie in the daughter's room.

    In this master bedroom, walls and headboard upholstered in Jasper's Indian Flower fabric.

    This bed actually faces a wall of windows.

    This seaside room is just the latest in a series of cruise lines adding new luxury spaces to their boats.