Meleah Leiss
Meleah Leiss • 2 years ago

Taco Bake Ingredients: 1 lb. hamburger 1 pkg. taco seasoning 8 oz. sour cream 1 pkg. crescent rolls (8) 1 can tomato sauce 1 can diced tomatoes (optional) 1 c. shredded cheese Dorito chips 1. Brown hamburger and drain. 2. Add taco seasoning, tomato sauce, tiny bit of water, and diced tomatoes. Simmer.. 3. In 9x13 dish, press out crescent rolls and roll them to form crust. 4. Layer hamburger mixture, sour cream and then cheese. 5. Cru...

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Both hurt though.


Crippling anxiety is my cardio -- and i'm really religious about my work-outs, a haha!

So me. Except it would be Bravo and working my business too. Luxury of working at home :)



This couldn't be more true

I Love Cheat Meals That's My Fucking Problem LMAO! This really is my problem! Sadie Donaldson

Be stronger

You only see what they want you to see, remember that.


This person who knows how to quantify the unquantifiable: | 18 People Who Clearly Have Their Priorities In Order

The way I feel right now must be how my grandmother feels when I have jeans with fashionable rips.

Omg, this is so true...

Strong people don't put others down…they lift them up.

TWD // Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

lol true.

It is called grad school

Why-You-Should-Let-Me-Touch-Your-Butt-1 | replace butt with the word boobs and you have my Eli. Lol

The best thing for that shirt is a messy bun and a pair of any color (but black) sweatpants.