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Kindred, Octavia Butler's tale of a modern African American woman who travels back to American slave times and meets her ancestors there--both black and white.


After Tragedy, Young Girl Shipped West On 'Orphan Train'

Orphan Train - Christina Baker Kline "Kline's book is fictional, but it's based on the very true history of thousands of children shipped to the Midwest. Kline joins NPR's Rachel Martin to discuss the history of the trains, how young girls were often passed over by families and the most surprising fact she learned from train riders."

A moving classic tragedy as two men loving one woman fight for survival among the bloodied street of France. As the story rises to the heat of the revolution, Charles Dickens proves his skills as a writer, weaving the characters together in a surprising and heart throbbing story bound to have romantics wiping tears away by the final page.

This suspenseful novel follows Sethe, who was freed from slavery but never really escapes her memories. It’s an unflinching look into the horrors of slavery, but even more than that, it will fill you with hope.