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you other covers can't deny. When a book opens up and its not double spaced and the plots all in your face, you get sprung!

Avocados : Not Yet, Not Yet, Not Yet, Eat Me Now, Too Late

You know you feel like this right before a trust fall every time haha

totally took me a sec.....I will never understand bees.

I need to start eating more healthy, but first I need to eat all the junk food in the house so it's not there to tempt me anymore.

Pardon last nights drunk texts. That tequila is one chatty bitch. Angela Gray Gray Gray Thomas

Yes!!! I can so relate! First month, I'm prim and proper, by month two, I'm randomly doing the running man out of the blue and doing backwards summersaults off the bed.

This is why we, at the Captains House Inn are always ready- whether it is a breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and night time cookies- we are prepared !

Consider your problem from all sides, think of all possible outcomes, and then make a decision and stick with it, don't waver, don't question, don't second guess.. and never retreat, so you won't stumble on your own actions..... ♥ Angela from www.calligraphyby...