David Beckham is the reason I am NOT a lesbian :P As much as I hate guys.

Your welcome :)

David Beckham models his bodywear line for H [Courtesy Photo]

Channing Tatum

david beckham. yummm


Cristiano Ronaldo AND David Beckham!! There is just too much beauty in this picture

David Beckham

Robert Downey Jr.

David Beckham

*Magic Mike* "The Law say's you can Not Touch,But I think I see a lot of Law Breaker's up in this House tonight" - Dallas (played by Matthew Mcconaughey)

david beckham

f yea david beckham (source: david beckham facebook page)

David Beckham

True Blood !!

matt bomer

How other guys, not at your school, look in sweatpants @Channing Tatum #ChanningTatum