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  • megan

    Nothing like a little eye candy to brighten my day!!! <3 David Beckham

  • Kevin Phillip

    The glorious David Beckham #davidbeckham

  • Kasey Mercier

    David Beckham... Beautifully sexy man

  • Vicki Mari

    WHAT? There are 2 people in this world that are THAT beautiful?!? Andy Harmer: Number one David Beckham lookalike for 11 years, he has appeared in Films such as Bend it like Beckham and Goal.

  • Emma Socha

    David Beckham you sexy sexy boy

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David Beckham. One of the reasons this country is starting to acknowledge soccer as a sport worth following.

Emmanuel always says that Becks isn't the greatest soccer player. To that I say, "I really don't care about his soccer abilities, I just want to look at him!"

David Beckham Everything I want all rolled up into a beautifully handsome package

Okay, David Beckham, you can be on our board. Just stop begging. You're embarrassing yourself.

David Beckham. My dream guy. This picture is definitely the back ground in my phone right now :) hehe

David Beckham Born: May 2nd 1975 Being a Taurus, David is deliberate in his actions and loves the finer things in life, and this includes having a gorgeous girl on his arms. Taurean is ruled by Venus, which gives a need to be surrounded by beautiful things to stay centered. With Mercury in Taurus, David has the gift of saying, "I love you" that sounds so heavenly it can ring in your ears forever.

(Beckham) I just love thus photo. Classy guy, eating pie!