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Beware of the Zombie Apocalypse

In case of zombie attack remember this is the worst attitude to have!

This will all happen cause of all the dumbass's who don't watch zombie movies for survival tips lmao

Zombie Apocalypse comic from the Oatmeal- LOL I'm ready with my Zombie Survival Handbook!

haha, watch your kid Lori! i cant freakin stand carl they should have gotten rid of him instead of shane! lmao

10 Fresh College Memes. #7 University Essay Writing Skills.

so true. somebody watch that kid already! this makes me smile. and lol.

The Zombie Garden Gnome is a Creepy Addition to Your Plants trendhunter.com

Disturbing Yard Decor

Lawn of The Dead // Zombie Garden Gnome. i want a horde of these for Halloween hunted garden

The second Saturday of October is Zombie Day!!  Remember that and celebrate it to raise awareness about the coming apocalypse!

The popularity of zombies…