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The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.

Suicide Prevention

Psychology Facts

Suicide Prevention

NAMI is a fantastic organization for people with mental illnesses and those who love them.

Schizophrenia, 15 years to learn not to listen

~ Elyn Saks, law professor & author of "The Center Cannot Hold," a memoir of her struggle with schizophrenia.

#Mental Health Awareness Quotes

YES. People are not bipolar, schizophrenic, eating disorders or any other illness. they HAVE these illnesses, but there is so much more to them.

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Schizophrenia Quote

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Angels and demons

This pin provides information for schizophrenia awareness. Read over the statistics, then visit the website. Read the information provided in the 'What is mental health?' tab, then listen to the video about young people with mental illnesses on the home page. I hope it provides you with a better understand of mental health, and its prevalence in youth. You are not alone!

Schizophrenia is not "split personalities!" Not even close.

We Dont talk Enough About Mental Illnesses or Symptoms

Schizophrenia awareness


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