Lady Macbeth by Aly Fell


Set design for Opera “Le Grand Macabre” at New National Theatre, Tokyo. By Ryuji Nakamura.

vintage Shakespeare book covers | Vintage book. A midsummer night's dream. Shakespeare book. classic ...

William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream Salzburg Marionette Theatre

"Five o'clock Tea - by Edward Newell" - Cover of The Sunday Magazine - November 5, 1905 -- (edwardian era)

Hamlet - Vintage Theatre Posters Wallpaper Image

A bookish fairy, Prism sat every evening listening to the mother reading fairie tales to her three children. Some nights the children even heard her laughter at the hilariously silly things humans wrote in their books. ...Carol

fabulous Art Nouveau poster art.

Richard III, Globe Theatre, summer 2012

Fernand TOUSSAINT (1873-1955)

Brilliant artistic talent. Working progress of a theatre project: Le Nozze Di Figaro, December 2009. I assume this is painted on canvas & will be applied to the walls. Beautiful!!

Scátthach, the Scottish Warrior Goddess: According to P.Monaghan Scátthach was an Irish Heroine who Lived on Island Made For Her; Isle of Skye in Scotland. She Taught Warriors but in order to get to her they had to pass the Bridge of the Cliff, an extremely challenging task (that even brought Cúchulann to brink as he performed his salmon leap to gain entry). ~Repinned Via Scáthach

Could be Aspen's robes when she is with the mage, she then gets the powers of shapeshifting and to put ropes or chains on people in a rudimentary form of control

Illustration 2012 on Behance

The Lady of the Lake

Paris Travel Poster, 1930 ^

Maria Germanova The-Witch 1908