I so love this great LITTLE SUPERHERO pic!! Quote 'Speak Now Photography': "There is nothing I love more than photographing children, unless it is a themed shoot designed specifically for the child to showcase his or her personality and individuality. This image so perfectly captures the imagination of a little boy who really believes he can grow up and be a superhero."

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SuperHero 4th Birthday Photo By Halie J. Photography

A boy, a boat and a beach… child photographer » Houston & Tomball Photographer – Child, Baby & Family Photography – 832-377-5893

Superman! toddler/little boy photo superhero theme photo shoot Bethany Davis, WhIM Photography www.whimphotography.com


FLY BABY: So is that baby's name, or her destination? Has baby gotten in trouble? Is baby being deported? Will baby make it to the "Land Down Under" with so few balloons? Best of luck baby. Best of luck. (OK, for the record ... This one is totally cute. Great picture ... But too fun not to write the caption.)

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Superhero portraits

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??


There are few things that symbolize the innocence of childhood the way a teddy bear does. A stuffed companion who is as real to a 2-year-old as anything ma


"I'm thinking I want him to take this when he turns 4 year old. Then have him take senior picture similar to it! It would be a great senior yearbook picture :)

chubby cheek photography DO NOT RIGHT CLICK

This gal's style just makes me happy! An artist! Not just a mom slapping her name on a photo!

every boy needs a pic like this

Father & Son

Newspaper Hat - little boy photo idea @Lisa Gardner Wilson what do you think of this one?

This would be a cute picture to do with brother or sister except I would probably do batman and robin or batman with batgirl :)