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Cryptids and Monsters: The Beast of Gevaudan, a real-life Wolf-Man?!!! - YouTube  www.youtube.com

Again inspired by the French legend about a man-eating wolf-like animal that terrorized the former province of Gevaudan in the Margeride Mountains in so. The Beast of Gevaudan 2

Some Creepy Japanese Urban Legends - for the woman with the split mouth, your supposed to say you look okay after she takes off her mask, she will then be confused, here, you then run away.

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Ok I know how to defeat two of the urban legends, the one with the cut face you just need to say "I'm in a hurry I need to be somewhere" and she will leave you, and the toilet paper one you need to say "No paper" and he will leave you.

4 Scary Indonesian Ghost - i'd like 1-1 episode with these

4 Scary Indonesian Ghosts

4 Scary Indonesian Ghost (badly written but good monsters)

love this...

Dolls freak me out man


Funny pictures about Little Girl In The Window. Oh, and cool pics about Little Girl In The Window. Also, Little Girl In The Window photos.

Parents of the internet were asked about the creepiest things their kids have ever said. Here are their hilarious responses...

The 21 Most Hilariously Creepy Things Kids Have Ever Said. The Last One Redefines Scary…

Parents of the internet were asked about the creepiest things their kids have ever said. Here are their hilarious responses...

The Rake 'Old Book Page' by DerseDragon on DeviantArt

Gonna draw more creepy creepypasta to even out all the past cute cp deviations from before.

Elizabeth Bathory

The amazing story of one of the most vicious serial killers in history - FunSubstance

Horrifying Japanese urban legends.

Moral of these stories : Do NOT mess with Japanese spirits, seriously.

Japan is full of crazy stuff.  Next I'll be hearing about something that's sounds oddly familiar ...

Saw this thing in the tsunami video. the Ningen. The Ningen, a Japanese cryptid, is a very large animal allegedly sighted by Japanese fishers. The name Ningen literally means human", The creature

8 Creepy Urban Legends that Turned Out to be True All Along

From an eerie glowing man with no face to premature burial, these urban legends are stories we love to share but they couldn't possibly be true.

SCP-682 Document

SCP-682 Document

Before there were ethics in psychology...

psychological experiments MKultra -- Real & still happening. Our world is run by many without conscience. Mkultra seeks to control kids by inducing trauma.


Document < from SCP Containment breach?

Slenderman is the scariest monster to be created on the internet...

The SlenderMan by Pirate Cashoo