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As the Serpentine Gallery presents a new comprehensive survey exhibition of artist Hans-Peter Feldmann's work, we look back at the spring/summer 2009 issue of AnOther in which we published a visual interview between Hans Ulrich-Obrist and Feldmann...


it's mostly inspirational works of others, but I add some photos of my own too. I always give credit, but if you want something removed just say a word.


laughing with your girls....soooo miss the silliness and fun that these moments provided. It allowed us to disappear from reality, even if for just a few minutes and live in and embrace that moment care free.


I'm Karolina and I'm awkward. INTJ. Criminal Minds. Harry Potter. Merlin. Teen Wolf. Sherlock. Vintage. Sarcasm. Daydreamer. Florence & the Machine. Books. Food. Cookies. Hot chocolate. Coffee....


That was a great trip - when we recover from all the excitement - let's ride the rails again.


Dancing hips don't lie when it comes to Decorating the Christmas Tree & Dancing, Every year I get the Kids together just to have fun and set things up, this ...


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