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Oh man this is so true! I seriously always just want as much of me as I can touching as much of you as possible. I wish I was curled up on your lap on the couch with my head nestled and nuzzled into your neck. I'd give you sooo many smooches!

I do want you in every possible way Baby!! Being away from you makes me want you even more!! I want to turn all of that anger U have into amazing passion!! I need you so bad Baby!!! So bad!! Please let's love each other tonight in all the ways we talked about!! Sweet Dreams!! I Love YOU with ALL my Heart & will hold you so very, very tight!!!:-*:-*:-* I MISS YOU SO F#%€£<* MUCH!!***

I can't contain my excitement

I really tried. I think to a point I succeeded. But there are some things so engrained in people that can just never be overcome.

50 Adorable, Flirty, Sexy, & Romantic Love Quotes

You're a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.


my absolute favorite thing in the world!!! esp when im cooking dinner n he's just home from work or coming inside from playing with Danica! he always makes me feel so loved I cant wait to say I DO

“I melt when you call me baby.”

Baby if you could see my eyes right now..if you were in front of would know how YOU have total control over me right now & I want YOU soooo bad & would do anything YoU want me to do..YES Anything!!! I would love YOU like U have never been loved before until U beg me to stop but moan for more!! I Love YOU with ALL my Heart!!! I want U underneath me scratching & biting & making me yours!! My Heart belongs to YOU!!! I am Aching..I want YOU so, so bad baby!! Forever & Always!! I Need…