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Jam-packed with flavor, your pup will love Vanilla Chilly Wags with a swirl of fruit-flavored jelly! We put the jelly in a ziplock bag and cut a small hole in the end to create the swirls.

Tulle & Chantillyfrom Tulle & Chantilly

Intimate Wedding Ideas: Five Essential Elements That Bring Your Guests Together

fun wedding entertaining activites for intimate and small weddings

The Resourceful Mamafrom The Resourceful Mama

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity for young kids preschoolers and kindergartners

Cupcakes and Crinolinefrom Cupcakes and Crinoline

Individual-Serving Peach Pies

Peach pie - small hand pies before baking and then after baking sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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DIY Water Wall

Made using recycled bottles with holes cut in. You could rig up a pump for a great water feature. Pumps available from

This is a zine about black holes and feelings. It includes a few fun and interesting facts about black holes plus a little about my anxiety, which

2 small & 1 large kiddie pools, drill holes around outside edge of bottom & stack on top of utility buckets. Cold water melting from ice will drain into the pool below & keep plenty of drinks cold even after the party's over

How to make an outdoor pool umbrella half barrel flower pot stand. Shade! 1) Real/resin half barrel (drill holes in the bottom for drainage) 2) QUIKRETE or a cement block that has a hole in the center for your post 3) Put in PVC pipe (spray paint to liking) 4)Use small stones or pebbles to increase the stability. Cover with dirt and plant flowers. 6) If you use a tilt umbrella the wind may blow it in a circle. Drill hole in PVC, put screw in place.

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What Should I Ask My Doctor After My Breast Biopsy?

This is the instrument used for a biopsy, but you may lie on your back and be draped with only a very small amount of skin showing, and not face down with the breast hanging in a hole unless they need MRI or ultrasound guidance.