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Galantamine being derived from plants, snowdrop and the red spider lily. Proves to be a noteworthy factor in curing Alzheimer’s Disease,which Enhances mental intelligibility and awareness span.

Galantamine and its derivatives was approved by the Galantamine and its derivatives was approved by the FDA in 2001, and is largely used as a memory-improvement supplement for sufferers of Alzheimers disease and mild dementia. Recently it has been used a dream enhancing supplement.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy is a dormant diploid, 36" tall scape with 24 buds, 7" diameter flower, medium red petals with a large greenish yellow eyezone. Sepals have a 1/2" light red band around the perimeter with the eyezone covering the remaining area. An eye stopper in the garden with re-bloom. This cultivar is also an excellent bud-builder. The parentage includes Rose F. Kennedy as a the female parent. Very fertile both ways. 15% polymerous.

Little Apple Yarn Favors

These cute little apples just fell from our tree, or so we like to think! They’re super easy to craft and make a fun decoration for my Fall kitchen. Supplies for Yarn Apples: craft yarn – red, green, or yellow... Continue Reading →