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Diadasia rinconis, a bee with pollen and "a few stray cactus balls" on its hairy body, writes Droege.CNN 'The amazing diversity of bees'

"This beautiful blue bee nests in snail shells," writes Droege. The Osmia conjuncta specimen comes from Maryland.CNN 'The amazing diversity of bees'

A bee captured in Arizona. It has orange pollen stuck to its face and sides.CNN 'The amazing diversity of bees'

This male bee comes from Oahu, Hawaii. CNN 'The amazing diversity of bees'

There are an estimated 20,000 bee species worldwide, including those with green and blue bodies. This bee was collected from Biscayne National Park near Miami. CNN 'The amazing diversity of bees'

Anthidiellum ehrhorni lives in the dry, US Southwest. CNN 'The amazing diversity of bees'

Bombus ternarius -- a bumblebee -- was collected in Franklin County, New York. "In most of New England, the only Bumble Bee with significant orange and yellow on its abdomen," Droege writes.CNN 'The amazing diversity of bees'

Pictured: The bees fitted with microchips to find out why their species is dying

Bees Carry Pollen In Bags On Their Legs & Can Carry Up To Their Own Body Weight

......beautiful bee as it began to remove some of the pollen all over its body. Beautifu and amazing!